Warehouse documents - types and templates.

Previously, I have published the test of one of the warehouse management programs that I was very impressed with. Then, I emphasized its greatest advantage – wide base of quickly generated warehouse documents.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the types of documents, which occur in the warehouse records. I will present the types and templates of the given documents, and I will also describe the information, which should be contained in certifications.

Warehouse documents:
-        GRN (Goods Received Note) – it is a first of the basic documents that you will find in the warehouse industry. This is a confirmation of receipt of the goods in regard to the stock.
-        GIN (Good Issued Note) – this is a certification related to goods issued from the stock. External issue is the opposite transfer in regard to the external receipt.
-        Internal GRN (Internal Goods Received Note)
-        Internal GIN (Internal Goods Issued Note)
-        Interbranch Transfer – statement regarding the goods transferred from one warehouse to another (in the case when you have more than one warehouse).

Warehouse documentation should contain the number and date of the transaction, information about the supplier (Internal GRN and Internal GIN do not require entering the client), and the most important – information needed for inventory management records, so index No., description of the given goods, quantity, price, value, etc.